The Multiethnic Village is an area in the Chapada dos Veadeiros dedicated to the strengthening of cultures and political awareness of the indigenous people and remaining quilombola communities, which praises the preservation, promotion and access to material and immaterial Brazilian patrimony. 


The Multiethnic Village is located in the heart of the Chapada dos Veadeiros, in a Cerrado field area, with important landscapes composed of Brazil's second largest biome, such as Cerrado rock formations, trails, gallery forests, clean fields and dirty fields. This rich ecosystem houses the Couros River and the Almécegas I and II waterfalls. Come experience the Multiethnic Village!

Etnia Dessana durante apresentação no palco do IX Encontro de Culturas
Etnia Dessana durante apresentação no palco do IX Encontro de Culturas
Etnia Dessana durante apresentação no palco do IX Encontro de Culturas

Hospede-se conosco para aproveitar os atrativos naturais da região e contribuir para a manutenção do espaço.

Sustentabilidade das comunidades através do incentivo à economia comunitária.

Um espaço vivo de aprendizado pelas tradições e culturas milenares para as novas gerações.


Participar de uma vivência na Aldeia Multiétnica muda sua percepção sobre a cultura indígena e sobre sua própria cultura. Veja alguns depoimentos de pessoas que estiveram conosco nas vivências realizadas:

The village resonated a lot with me. It took me a while to come back to reality and to face São Paulo! I had previously lived beautiful things in other indigenous villages, and this encounter with all this "mix" of indigenous groups only reaffirmed my desire to stay with them and defend and support their movement.

Priscila Jácomo

The Village was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. We were all willing to getting to know each other and let ourselves belong. And the relationships were so quick and easy to build that we ended up making friends that certainly will remain. I think this contact that the Village provides is important, because we can better understand the indigenous universe and its need to have a land. At a time when their culture and way of life is so scorned, living with different ethnicities makes us rethink how our way of life is empty, complex and lacks a sense of community.

André Leite

Gabriela Takiuti

I cannot think of a happier moment than those days that I've been with all these special people, and I think that sums up my experience pretty well. Being happy and thankful for the river, for the water, for a slice of watermelon, for body paint, for playing with children, for hearing stories around the bonfire, for dancing, for smelling the different scents, for tattooing dust on the body, for a luscious hug of achiote (urucum), anachiote (urucum) kiss, a guitar, a friend, to sing.

Mariana Moura